About Us

We help restaurants run better

Our story starts with the realization that restaurants making good food, 6 out of 10 times, drop the shutters in front of our very eyes. The thought of letting good food go to waste was heartbreaking. So we at Lets-Do-Kiosk, decided to help restaurants by designing and implementing products that help bridge the disconnect between the restaurants & the consumer. In a world that demands convenience, we help restaurants in getting online and provide them tools to engage with customers, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency.

We're one team

The only way we’ll succeed is by solving problems together and sharing lessons along the way. As individuals we own our actions, support and respect each other, and embrace our differences.

We lead with humility

Great ideas comes from anywhere or anyone, regardless of tenure, title or background. We believe your opinion matters, and that open and honest feedback is a gift. Act on it.

We're driven by purpose

We deliver results with integrity. Challenging work is rewarding work, and accomplishing our goals requires a mix of grit, resilience, and humor. We are creative problem-solvers. We hold ourselves-and each other-accountable to get the job done.

Ready to get started?

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